Friday, September 19, 2008

Apparently Yahoo users are morons

Ok, this may be the single worst thing I've seen in the last ten minutes or so. It's just a travesty. It purports to be a list of Samuel L. Jackson's 15 greatest movies, as voted on by Yahoo users. Yahoo users, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Today you have done your country a disservice. Seriously, XXX made the list? Coach Carter is #1? Coach frigging Carter? Somewhere, God is crying, and you have made it happen, Yahoo users.

Some of the things on the list are understandable. Jackie Brown should be where it is, and things like the Star wars movies were at least memorable, even if they weren't the greatest movies ever. I can get behind things like The Incredibles, A Time to Kill, 1408, and maybe Die Hard With a Vengeance, just because I liked the chemistry between Sam and Bruce Willis in that one. They really played off each other when they were figuring out the best way to put the right amount of water in those jugs to keep Jeremy Irons from setting off a fake bomb in a park or whatever.

But for the love of all that is good and pure in this world: no Unbreakable? And where's The Negotiator? Deep Blue Sea? Does the fact that he got eaten by a shark during one of his best "Yes, they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in Hell" speeches mean nothing to you people? That shark snuck up on Samuel L, timed his jump perfectly, and ate the crap out of John Shaft himself, and it doesn't even make the list?

Holy crap, he was even in Goodfellas, for crying out loud. Look it up! It's true!

I hate you, Yahoo users. You have broken my heart. You have broken Samuel L. Jackson's heart. And most of all, you have broken your own hearts. I know that makes no sense, but just go with it.

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